About Us

Founded in 2001 as a privately held investment company, Integrated Strategic Solutions (“ISS”) has transitioned its business into technology based applications and solutions targeted at the real estate industry. Having expanded its original objectives into numerous real estate, investment banking and technology based projects over the past decade, the company has now acquired certain rights to proprietary software and has developed an integrated platform to deliver operational and marketing solutions to its clients with greater efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced customer service, with minimal training and internal changes.

Beginning from a dead start utilizing our internet based social media modules, we help our clients develop, expand and enhance their social network no matter where they currently stand through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the internet. As the network grows, we provide tools to monitor and mine the network identifying new potential clients that portray an intent to purchase. This process is continually measured using analytics through impressions and clicks, providing a measurable and comprehensive analysis of progress in real time.

Once a new client is obtained, the utilization of TextSells, our proprietary SMS platform, can be implemented to capture those potential clients that “want what they want now”! Secure and redundant, our systems allows you to be active 24/7 delivering valuable information to potential clients in real time and capturing the information that will allow you the opportunity to develop that new business relationship as quickly as possible.

While our system is a valuable marketing tool, its operational capability can be equally as important by the ability to deliver information through the most widely and effectively received medium in the market today to communicate with your audience. Again, cost control and operational efficiency drive the bottom line.

Hence, our mission is to provide our client’s the tools and solutions that are the most efficient and reliable means to deliver information “at the speed of life” that is secure, user and customer friendly, and that achieves the highest percentage of connectivity with those targeted 24/7.